sp tomales bay

Stella Peach grew up in Montana, with lungs full of mountain air and knobby knees scraped with dirt.

After picking up a fiddle at age six, Stella never looked back–studying classical violin during the school year and fiddling their way through the hot, dry Montana summers. An only child, Stella spent countless hours playing the violin alone, which is how they grew up to be a one-Stella band.

Using violin, looping pedal, voice and percussion (among other guest-starring instruments), Stella writes and performs music that is part folk, part pop, part chamber music, part glitter, part beeswax, and only part human.

Stella Peach’s first full-length album, Wisdom Teeth, is forthcoming on Post-Consumer Records and is slated for release in September 2014.

Stella lives in Oakland, California–where experimentalism thrives and artists run wild and free–with their partner, writer Marcus A. Lund, their pug, Iris, their cat, Monkey, and a house full of instruments.


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